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See also: Caudal Epidural Block, Sciatica, Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy

Backache is one of the commonest of human afflictions and affects 80% of us at least some of the time. Despite its frequency however, it is poorly understod and theories abound both within and without the medical profession as to its causes and how to treat it.

This is no doubt confusing to you, the patient, and makes it difficult to choose and be confident in any method of treatment. After all, could not the problem be better treated by medicines, surgery, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, back education classes, or a host of other approaches?

Patients who come to this office with backache almost always have long-standing pain or have had more than one episode of pain before. Unlike a sprained ankle, torn muscle, or broken bone, the pain is not going away or keeps returning. In other words, something is preventing the back from healing or returning to a normal, comfortable state. My approach therefore is to look for the factor or factors which are preventing normal healing.

This requires a careful examination to first rule out serious problems such as tumors, arthritis, and other diseases. I then do an analysis to look for the internal stresses (or imbalances) that directly or indirectly are causing the back pain.

To obtain long lasting relief, these drives have to be balanced. A shoe lift might be all that is needed. Manipulation or balancing of tension in muscle groups may be helpful, or Prolotherapy (ligament tightening injections) may be necessary. In any case, it is difficult for the body to be comfortable until these internal stresses are removed.

Attention must also be paid to the body as a whole. A foot problem for example can disturb the gait and affect the low back. Muscle imbalances become more painful when the body hormones are not functioning properly or if you are depressed or overtired. Success can only be achieved by attention to these many factors and carefully individualized treatment.