Dr. Robert F. Kidd    

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Dr. Robert F. Kidd

Dr. Kidd

Dr. Kidd offers consultations for medical conditions that have been found difficult to diagnose and treat. These include pain problems such as backache, migraine, facial pain, and fibromyalgia, emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, and many other conditions that are difficult to categorize and that have not been successfully treated using conventional methods.

Dr. Kidd's practice does not fall into any specialty category. His background and training is general medicine, but he uses ideas and techniques from Osteopathy, biological dentistry, agricultural nutrition, neural therapy, psychosomatics and oriental systems of medicine.

Most of Dr. Kidd's patients have previously been seen by medical specialists and have tried alternative methods such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathy, without lasting success.

Whenever possible, Dr. Kidd attempts to determine the underlying causes of a patient's health problem. He uses a scientific, biological model, but also considers psychological and social factors in diagnosing the problem. Drugs are rarely used.

Dr. Kidd is a Hippocratic physician. This means that he holds to the original Hippocratic Oath.