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Practice Policy

Dr Kidd is a member of the Canadian Registry of Hippocratic Physicians. This registry has been created to allow identification of physicians who hold to the Hippocratic Oath.

The Hippocratic Oath describes a way of life for a physician, that creates a special type of relationship with his (or her) patients. It is a relationship of trust, resulting from a belief in transcendent values (a morality revealed by God, rather than created by man). For more on this subject, click Hippocratic Oath, or Dr. John Patrick's excellent discussion of this subject.

Practically speaking, this means that Dr. Kidd's primary responsibility and loyalty is to his patients and not to government, regulatory agency, or any other third party. He is undertaking to resist the political, social and economic forces that are pressuring physicians into becoming agents of government and of the pharmaceutical industry.

In matters of billing, Dr. Kidd deals directly with patients and contracts only with them. His staff will however assist patients in obtaining reimbursement from government and other insurance plans when appropriate.

Dr Kidd keeps all patient information confidential to the best of his ability. However patients should know that no privacy protection exists to prevent government or the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons' agents from examining patient files without the patient's knowledge.

By law, certain information must be reported to government. This includes information indicating a patient is medically unfit to drive, signs of child or spousal abuse, or indications that a patient may be a danger to him/herself or to others. If this information must be released, the patient will be informed.

Patients will be informed when appropriate, about medical tests and treatments not covered (or not available) under Canada's Medicare system. If the patient would like extra time for a consultation, this should be arranged in advance. Telephone consultations also may be scheduled.

Referrals are accepted from physicians and other health care professionals. Patients may also schedule appointments without referral. Those travelling long distances with complex problems should discuss with Dr. Kidd's secretary the possibility of being seen more than once over several days.

Please click here for information regarding fees and insurance.